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The New Life Health Company was founded in 2015 at Orlando, Florida, and has all the licenses required by law to operate, being allowed to manufacture, distribute and market our product on U.S. territories. The founders and owners of the company are brazilian-born american citizens, and have the resolve to change some health related concepts took for granted.

The New Life Health Company is duly registered at the Food and Drug Administration under the number 17116808644, and has been granted the Certificate of Free Sale ID: FV34-N369, for its product Phospho 2-AEP.

The objective of the company is to research and manufacture innovative and life changing products. Not only by helping the infirm to achieve a better life quality and recovery, but also preventing infirmities through the development of new products that function on the most basic and primordial level of human live: the cellular level.


The New Life Health Company aims to be the most admired and responsible enterprise on the health care market, with strong international presence, offering quality of life and sustainability to all of its customers.


No matter what life holds us, you are our mission.

- To win the affection of our clients, offering them a superior experience and value, this way making them our ambassadors.
- Stimulate competitiveness, operating our business at levels that are seen as the market benchmark.
- Execute projects with quality of reference, planning of costs and time.
- Grow profitably through a strong chain of value and partners, with focus on each geographic region.
- Be a leader in the adoption of technologies with a pioneering spirit, and calculated risks.
- Practice 'Leadership with Responsibility' by adopting best practices in caring for the environment, community, clients, shareholders and people, creating a culture that reinforces our values.
- Enable employees and associates to achieve and unleash their full potential in attaining results in a sustainable way.


- Safety - Safety is a core value over which no business objective can have a higher priority.
- Quality - Achieve excellence in manufacturing our products, attaining a high quality standard before reaching our customers.
- Agility - Speed, responsiveness and proactivity, acquired through collaboration and training.
- Care - Absolute zeal for the environment, health and quality of life of consolidated and potential clients, our community and stakeholders in general.
- Respect - Egalitarian and equitable treatment for all, with respect and dignity.
- Ethics - Achieving the most admired standards of ethics, through integrity and mutual trust.
- Diligence - Do everything (define objectives, implement actions, analyze, review, plan, mitigate risks, etc.) with a rigor that offers quality and excellence in all areas, especially in operations, execution and growth.
- Do not perform tests of any kind on animals.


To manage the logistics and storage of a product linked to human health, which needs specific care, and whose handling demands attendance to the various requirements of sanitary control and surveillance departments, is not a task for any company.

Our major logistics partners, responsible for importing Phospho 2-AEP and manage its adequate transportation to and from our warehouses are FG Trading SA and Allianz SA, established in Miami, Florida, with offices in Qingdao and Shanghai, in China, besides Ciudad del Este and Asunción, in Paraguay.

FG Trading SA has been in the import / export market for almost thirty years, with vast know-how, providing excellence in logistic services.

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